Summer Planning

Watch for allergies! Pets will often chew or lick on their feet, rub their face, and scratch their ears. All of these symptoms can be signs of allergies. Allergies can be seasonal, food or flea related. Visit your veterinarian to diagnose the problem.

For Thick or Long haired pets you may want to consider a summer shave. Never shave all the way down to the skin. Pets can get sunburns just as easily as humans and their fur helps protect their skin from the sun. A professionally trained groomer can make your long or thick haired pet look outstanding as a short haired pet!

Make sure your pet always has a fresh supply of water and a place to lay in the shade. Some pets also enjoy having a kiddie pool in the yard to cool off or a fan blowing in an area just for them. Pets can overheat easily and overheating can be very dangerous and costly to treat. You may also want to pick an area of the house you can contain your outside pet so they can stay in the A/C while your away during the heat of the day.

Ear infections are common in the summer time. They usually start from water getting into your pets ears, by either swimming, bathing, sprinklers or even rain. Be sure to clean out your pets ears after every swim or bath. It is not a bad idea to clean them at least once a week. Ear cleaner can be bought at your veterinarian’s office.

Most dogs love going for rides in the car but do not ever leave your dog locked up in a car! Dogs can suffer heatstroke even when the temperature is as low as 70 degrees. Dehydration is also a serious concern. Immediately bring your pet to the vet if you notice prolonged panting or lethargic activity during the hot summer days.

Have you ever seen an egg cook on concrete? Would you like to walk on that same concrete barefoot? Pets can burn their paws on concrete and asphalt too!  Always test the ground with your own bare feet before taking your pet on a walk.

Fourth of July! Plan ahead! Many pets run away because of the loud noise of fireworks. Make sure your pet has a safe place to stay. You may want to turn up the TV or radio to block the noise of the fireworks. Just in case, make sure your pet has identification tags or a microchip. Microchips are a great way to make sure your pet gets home and can be implanted at your vets office!


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