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EBZ120 Roadheader: Performance comments & Appreciation from customer

In January 2014, our company purchased one EBZ120 roadheader machine from KAMY for the construction of a roadway tunnel in Mexico, Mulege autonomous region (Copper mine). KAMY Director and two other professional engineers visited Mexico to the work site. The roadheader was shipped in dismantled condition in 2 containers. Upon reaching the work site, KAMY’S 3 engineers along with our support team of 5-6 people, installed the roadheader in one day. They took approximately 2 hours for com

About the work face dimensions :

  • The roadway was mainly limestone and copper ore. There were also other stones of hardness F3.
  • The tunnel face dimensions were 5m in width, 2.8m in height. Roadheader dug approximately 3 cubic meters/hour. The roof support was already in place and that took care of safety.
  • The hardness encountered at the work face : F5/F6.
  • The roadheader crawling speed was : 3.7m/min.
  • We were impressed with the performance of the roadheader and it achieved the desired result.
  • The roadheader is still in good working condition after one overhaul which was done by KAMY engineers. KAMY also supplied us the spares on time.
  • We intend to buy one more roadheader from them and are in discussion with them.

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